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0.5gb storage space

Unlimited users

Unlimited boards

250 total workspace items

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Get the team on-board with workspaces and admin features.

2gb storage space per user

Unlimited users

Unlimited boards

Unlimited items

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Storage space


2gb (per user)










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Frequently asked questions

How does Oroson pricing work?

Oroson provides tiered pricing based on user needs. With the free version of Oroson a user has 0.5 GB of storage, unlimited boards and unlimited chat and comments integrations. Business and Enterprise versions of Oroson provides further functional enhancements to add value to team use of Oroson, with varied storage limits (up to 10GB per user).

Pricing is monthly but when billed annually a discount is applied.

When do I start paying for Oroson?

Oroson allows you and the other workspace members to add 250 items to your workspace for free, giving you the chance to explore the value Oroson delivers. Once this number of items has been added, all workspace members become paying users and can then add an unlimited number of items to the workspace.

We need to add more people to our team. How will that be billed?

Once an additional user is added to your team your monthly billing will be updated to reflect this change. If you have purchased an annual subscription, please contact our team to discuss how this will be invoiced for the remainder of your billing period.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Oroson accepts credit card payments for monthly subscriptions; if you wish to sign up to an annual plan an invoice can be issued.

What is a 'Workspace' in Oroson?

Workspaces may only be created by business users. A workspace in Oroson allows a team to group all of their content and communications under one entity. The workspace owns the boards, rather than the individual contributors. Members may be added to the workspace which is administrated by workspace admins.

What is a single board guest user?

A single board guest user allows teams to invite external members to a workspace board, without them becoming a full member of the workspace. Single board guest users are free, and there is no limit to the number of users you can have. However, if a single board guest user is invited to a second board in the same workspace, they become a full guest of that team, and become chargeable.

Will I be charged sales tax?

Depending on your location taxes may apply, but this will be included within the subscriptions listed.

How secure is Oroson?

We take your data protection and security very seriously. All data is sent over a secure, SSL/HTTPS connection, you have full access control over your boards and we comply with GDPR.

Do you offer academic pricing plans?

Oroson is free for academic use! Get in touch with our team for more information.

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