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Make sharing your work so simple, all in one place

Unlike email and other tools, Oroson displays your deliverables and feedback together. No more resending files or missed updates. From designs to reports, Oroson makes sharing any content super-efficient.

Capture feedback easily, in real-time

Forget emails threads to chase and share feedback. Oroson provides realtime updates attached to your content, making everything easy to track. Get the collaboration flowing with your team and clients.

See your work come to life

Oroson showcases your work perfectly, delivering an overview of progress from drafts to final versions. Guests understand the processes and there’s no more lost in translation.

Collaborate with your clients for free!

With pricing based on your internal users, invite external guests for free! Oroson is so easy to use, guests will be up and running in minutes - unlike other tools.

Share your visual deliverables for feedback

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