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Share anything, no limits

Just drag your files into Oroson. We support any file type, of any size - from tiny PDF’s to huge, 4k video files

Ready for review

Each person will receive, on average, over 100 emails per day. Don't let your work get lost in the noise. With Oroson your files are presented for review, not transferred.

Just click and comment

Providing clear feedback is important, so Oroson makes it easy for everyone. No more downloads, no more feedback through email.

Get specific

70% of all projects suffer from a lack of clarity & miscommunication. Oroson removes the room for error with drawing tools for annotated feedback. Pin, draw & highlight - on anything!

Remove the distraction

No-one really has the time to manually chase feedback for every project. Let Oroson do the heavy lifting and chase it for you.

And much more...

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