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Here’s how Oroson streamlines the feedback process

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Oroson / One link to share

One link to share

Oroson gives you a shortlink to share in whatever way works best for you. Send out your work on email or Slack but use Oroson to manage all feedback.

Oroson / It's specific

It's specific

Oroson pins feedback to specific places to remove confusion. You can set pins on parts of your image or timestamps on a video or audio file.

Oroson / All file types and sizes

All file types and sizes

Oroson automatically previews dozens of popular file types and has a massive (5tb!) upper file size limit.

Oroson / Easy for clients & colleagues

Easy for clients & colleagues

Oroson is easy and intuitive to use for first-time users. Guests can get started with feedback right away - no need to create an account!

Oroson / 100% free

100% free

We’re building a free version of Oroson that has all the features you need to be successful. Complete with generous free storage and item number limits.

Oroson / 100% free

Your privacy, your choice

Any content you add to Oroson will be private and visible only to you by default. It is accessible by others when you choose to share it, and can be made private again.

Get feedback instantly, no sign-up required!

Guests can leave feedback right away without signing up. Just share the link.

Before Oroson

Feedback takes forever, it’s scattered, and vague so you need to guess what needs to be changed.

Before Oroson...

After Oroson

All your feedback lives in one place. It’s specific, so revisions are quicker and everyone is on the same page.

After Oroson

Continue using the tools you love in a more visual way

Oroson offers a number of integration options, pulling your content seamlessly into one shared space.




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