About us

Oroson - what’s it all about?

It’s pretty normal to manage all your content across lots of storage locations and communicate about it using many different tools. It’s pretty distracting and time intensive too.

Not anymore. At Oroson, we have made it our mission to help teams bring their work together and accomplish more.

Oroson lets teams take control of their work. We are here to help you organize, visualize and manage your work and improve collaboration with your colleagues - all the way to optimum productivity!

We even help you cut out frustrating distractions and time wasting processes along the way.

And who does it work for?

Everyone! Well, as long as you work online and want to work more productively.

Our customers work across the IT, Publishing, Media, Design, Marketing, Hospitality and Utilities sectors.

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Meet our Team

The team at Oroson is a hive of energy and passion for our product. We are genuinely excited about improving how our customers work and what they can achieve as a result of using Oroson.

Our mix of skill sets and high levels of experience complements one another. This helps us work well as a team to help other teams improve their collaboration.

Daniel McGlade - CEO

Daniel McGlade

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As our company’s founder, Daniel drives Oroson forward with his unrelenting passion and enthusiasm. He focuses on business development and working with our customers - along with as many other tasks he can fit into his working day.

David Davidson - CTO

Richard Davidson

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Richard oversees the product and engineering organisation at Oroson. He is an experienced software architect, technology leader and all-round great innovator.

Stephen Morrison - Principal Architect

Stephen Morrison

Principal Architect

Stephen propels the technical development within the Oroson platform. With his keen eye for detail and streamlined processes, he delivers robust solutions across the entire stack with precision!

Jonny Hoy - Design Lead

Jonny Hoy

Design Lead

Jonny leads our creative output, from brand to product. He’s happiest when he’s designing and creating with one outcome in mind - a great user experience for our customers.

Jackie Wilson - Marketing Manager

Jackie Wilson

Marketing Manager

With her love of creativity and organisation, Jackie has found her perfect role. She thrives on working with our great team to build our brand and solutions for our customers.

Mark McKenna - Senior Software Engineer

Mark McKenna

Senior Software Engineer

With a strong technical emphasis and determined attitude, Mark is always on a quest to get the best results to deliver the job in hand.

Daniel Copeland - Senior Frontend Engineer

Daniel Copeland

Senior Frontend Engineer

With strong skills in UI/UX, Daniel helps drive a consistent design focus across our Web and Desktop clients. He’s a champion of great design!

Michael Smith - Customer Success Executive

Michael Smith

Customer Success Executive

Michael is dedicated to customer service. His personable approach and knowledge of the platform enables him to create positive business outcomes for our customers.