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Increased Productivity with a side of Guacamole

Customer:​ Boojum

Sector:​ Hospitality (Mexican restaurant chain)

Size:​ 510 employees, 17 Locations throughout Northern Ireland and ROI

Favorite Oroson feature:​ Visual Impact


Nuala McMenamin

Head of Marketing at Boojum

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Boojum is a fun and vibrant mexican restaurant chain located throughout Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. With its ambitious growth plans and ongoing flurry of marketing activity to sustain its flamboyant brand, Oroson has delivered productivity efficiencies and creative flow for this busy team.

Boojum’s Head of Marketing, Nuala McMenamin tells us how:

"I have a very demanding remit and the team is always so busy working across multiple tasks and projects, dealing with endless amounts of content. Naturally, there’s a lot of communication going back and forward too, not only amongst our team, but also company-wide, across many locations."

Boojum’s Productivity Problem

Well actually, we didn’t know a problem existed until we were shown Oroson. Of course, like anyone, we knew we could probably work more efficiently.

We just accepted the challenges of sharing and accessing content across many storage locations. Layers of folders and files was a problem. We stored everything in Google Drive. Campaign information and artwork was being saved in the wrong locations, causing poor traceability on documents.

With so many active projects, it was also difficult to know once something was completed. We would request updates by email, adding in another step to the sign-off process. This also led to multiple files being created, which aside from the confusion, required larger storage capacity. Multiple email threads were being created for feedback and mark-ups. None of the workflow was as smooth as it could have been.

But we were just getting on with things, accepting that we just had lots of resources to manage. Thankfully, a client told me there’s a much easier way to do this. He showed me Oroson on his phone. Very quickly, even on the small screen, I understood the benefits Oroson could bring to our team workflows and productivity. I saw straightaway how Oroson would enable our work. I thought, imagine how easy this tool would be to use from my desktop.

How Oroson has changed things

Centralized information hub

Oroson is now our starting point for all projects.The workspaces and projects brings all your work together in one place. Before using Oroson we had our content stored in different places and had to open every file or link to avoid missing good information.

Visual Impact

Because Oroson is highly visual, you absorb the information so quickly and see what’s going on at a glance. This visual impact makes it great for developing our your ideas and really helps your creativity flow.

Focused Team Collaboration

Our team workflows also benefit from the fact that once we are in a project, we are focused on the task in hand and the communication relating to that. We get less distracted by other projects and no longer waste time drilling down through files and emails to get to the information we need. My team also loves the fact that with Oroson, there has been a huge reduction in the need for emails going back and forward. All the info is just there in your projects. This has saved us so much time.

Oroson has been a real winner with the team, bringing everyone together on the same page and actually alleviates stress! We don’t need to constantly check how tasks are progressing, we can see everything on the projects. Oroson has made our teamwork so much more efficient.

“We have tried other popular project management tools but they are clunky and create more work. The information isn’t displayed at a glance. They just don’t have the efficiencies attached to them like Oroson does. They just aren’t as instant as Oroson.”

Boojum Use Cases for Oroson:

Key Benefits

To improve our productivity, our key goals were to create workflow efficiencies and improve team collaboration. Without a doubt Oroson has delivered on both of these.

Best Features

Top Tip for Other Users

Oroson provided the answers to a problem we didn’t even know we had, but now we can’t imagine working without it. It simplifies every step of our work. It is so intuitive that you don’t need any training. Even if you think your productivity levels are just fine, give Oroson a go. You’ll be amazed at how much more effective your workflows can be.


“Oroson is highly visual, creates efficiencies and we all work much better as a team because of it. Other project management tools we have tried just provide another thing to do on top of our work whereas Oroson enables us to do our work.”

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