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Simplified Project Management - That’s a Wrap!

Customer:​ LNC Productions

Sector:​ Creative Media

Size:​ 15 employees, 1 Location - New York

Favorite Oroson feature:​ Team Collaboration

Catalyst Inc.

Gena Zhuravskiy

Creative Director, LNC Productions

Catalyst Inc.

Uri Elam

Business Development Director, LNC Productions

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LNC Productions is a creative video agency based in New York City. The team manage many resources with clients in many sectors and locations to maintain their standard of creating beautiful, high quality videos. Oroson has transformed their project management process.

LNC Productions’ Business Development Director, Uri Elam and Creative Director, Gena Zhuravskiy tell us more:

"Oroson has been a really interesting experience as it’s the first time we used the customers’ product as part of the process to produce their video, which was really cool."

"To be honest, at first we were skeptical about managing the project through Oroson as requested by the team. We already had our processes for the three stages we work through - pre-production, production and post-production."

"However it looked and sounded like a great product and we were really interested in creating the Marketing video. So, we tried Oroson. Well, to say we were impressed doesn’t begin to cover it - we were amazed at the results! The difference Oroson made to how we managed the project and the output was remarkable. We wouldn’t have gotten the same results had we not been using Oroson."

How things were

With video production, there’s so much content to manage. We are constantly back and forwards with clients, sharing multiple files. There’s a lot of detailed information and processes to manage too e.g. script creation, actor, location and music selection. It’s time consuming and can be difficult to keep track of.

We used email and instant messenger for communication and Google Drive for storage as well as project management tools, mind-mapping software and video sharing platforms. A real mix.

We knew we required a simpler way to keep track of projects and timelines instead of using all of these tools. Something that showed us exactly where you are with various projects.

How Oroson has changed things

Immediate Visual Reference

The first thing that really impacted us was how visual Oroson is, which we really liked. Everything is laid out in projects like a project timeline but with content snapshots to let you see exactly what stage everything is at. This is so useful!

Everything organized in projects

The projects centralize all your project content, helping keep things very organized and prevents the team from becoming overwhelmed with the amount of content to manage. It really keeps you on track with what tasks have been done and what still needs completed.

With Oroson, you don’t waste time looking through multiple storage locations, files and email threads. You just open your project and get started. This saved the team so much time.

It also helped reduce the various tools we were using. Everything was done through our Oroson project. We used the video link to share examples of what we can produce and shared actor auditions too. We uploaded images to display location options and files for the video script for feedback.

Communication & Feedback Flow

"We found it amazing that we didn’t use email or instant messenger once for this project. Instead, we used Oroson’s collaboration features. This meant we could talk about the project at a general project level using the chat feature or focus in on particular items e.g. wardrobe choices for actors or the narrator voiceover using the comments feature. This kept communication relevant to particular tasks."

Remote team working across timezones

Not only were we working between two countries, but also two very different timezones. Clients often come in to our office in New York City for meetings, but with Oroson being UK based, that just wasn’t possible. However, as the project details and communication could be managed so well in Oroson, it was like the Oroson team was here working with us. Instead of being restricted to the reduced window of time when both teams were online, each morning the teams could easily see where the other team had finished off the previous day and pick up and carry on.This really empowered the team to keep the project moving and cut out a lot of time compared to using other tools.

Streamlined Workflows

Oroson powered the collaboration between both teams and as a result simplified what can be complex tasks.

Pre-production - The project was used to share example videos the Oroson team liked, images of preferred locations and props and to provide script ideas. The team was very specific on how they wanted things. Displaying and communicating these references in Oroson enabled us to visualize and get a real understanding of their requirements and kept the two teams on the same page.

Post-production - We used the project to add and communicate about video animations. The Oroson team uploaded their platform graphics and comments to the project and we picked it up from there. This made it so easy for us to develop this stage of the project, which is usually something you can’t get right first time. However the way everything could be laid out and explained on the Oroson project took this complex process and simplified it. The Oroson team was able to upload each animation and pinpoint scene by scene where they wanted the animation to appear in the video.

Our video animator was able to open Oroson and start making the changes based on the feedback provided by the client instead of awaiting email updates from the project Manager. This made the process much more efficient.

LNC Productions Use Cases for Oroson:

Key Benefits

Our workflows and processes benefitted from using Oroson. It really refined things and increased not only our productivity but the video output for Oroson. Oroson offered us better features and a better solution to how we were working.

Best Features

Top Tip for Other Users

If you find yourself lost in your projects, Oroson is the solution. It streamlines your communication and management for your projects internally and externally, Try it and see. It’s so easy to transition to. In a matter of minutes you and your team can be managing your projects more effectively in Oroson.


“We created Oroson’s video using only Oroson for the project - producing a great result that speaks for itself! To say we were impressed doesn’t begin to cover it - we were amazed at the results! The difference Oroson made to how we managed the project and the output was remarkable. We wouldn’t have gotten the same results had we not been using Oroson.”

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