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Simplified Project Management - That’s a Wrap!

Customer:​ LNC Productions

Sector:​ Creative Media

Size:​ 15 employees, 1 Location - New York

Favorite Oroson feature:​ Team Collaboration

LNC Productions

Gena Zhuravskiy Creative Director, LNC Productions

LNC Productions

Uri Elam Business Development Director, LNC Productions

LNC Productions

LNC Productions Use Cases for Oroson:

  • Project Management
  • Liasing with client
  • Team meeting updates
  • Idea development
  • Content sharing
  • Feedback gathering
  • Sign-off


“We created Oroson’s video using only Oroson for the project - producing a great result that speaks for itself! To say we were impressed doesn’t begin to cover it - we were amazed at the results! The difference Oroson made to how we managed the project and the output was remarkable. We wouldn’t have gotten the same results had we not been using Oroson.”
Gena Zhuravskiy - Creative Director at LNC Productions


LNC Productions is a creative video agency based in New York City. The team manage many resources with clients in many sectors and locations to maintain their standard of creating beautiful, high quality videos. Oroson has transformed their project management process.


Find a simpler way to track projects and timelines instead of using multiple tools to show where you are with various projects.


  • Oroson offered better features and a better solution to how we were working.
  • Simplified our project management, with the bonus that everything is so visual.
  • It saves times and helps us work more effectively, keeping processes very organized.
  • Easy to share and view content.
  • Visibility of what stage everything is at.
  • Liaising with clients and understanding their requirements has also been simplified.
  • Reduces number of tools we have to use in our projects.
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