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With Oroson, all your content, tools and communications are centralised and accessed on your boards. Oroson brings all your work together.

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Workspaces & Boards

Create a workspace to group your boards together and categorise your content. Popular workspace themes are teams, customers and projects.

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Oroson / Visual index

Visual index

No more searching for content. It’s all there in front of you. Oroson brings all your work together from other tools and visually displays it on a board. You can create boards for specific projects & tasks, deliverables, research, planning & retrospective feedback, client collaboration...anything!

Add & organise content

Too many resources? Oroson makes them manageable. Use the items to display your board content. From Files, Videos, Images and Links, to Lists, Notes and Stickies. You can also link to other boards and group items together, keeping everything organised.

Oroson / Add & organise content

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Oroson / Fully integrated

Fully integrated

Oroson doesn’t replace your existing tools, it fills the gaps between them, bringing your existing tools closer together so you and your team can accomplish more together. Effortlessly integrate your workspace with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox, creating a smart link to your content.

Real-time chat & comments

Oroson drives focused communication. Your teams and your customers can collaborate more easily and effectively across multiple locations. It’s great for those working from home, too. Invite members to your workspaces and boards and manage this with access permissions.

Oroson / Real-time chat & comments
Oroson / Fully integrated

Always in-the-loop

From our web-based platform, to our desktop Apps for Mac and Windows or our mobile apps, with our our real-time notifications, you’re always in the loop. And if you want more detail, you can check out the activity logs for your boards.

Transform your work, forever

Simply put, Oroson helps you bring everything together.

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