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The end of endless sharing

With Oroson, you share all your content once and get all updates and comments in the same place.

Product feature
Product feature

Visualise everything

No matter the type of content, Oroson visualises everything, allowing you and your reviewers to share feedback without ever opening documents locally.

Product feature

Any file, any size

Oroson supports all types of content, from Links to lists, PDFs to Powerpoints, MP3s to MP4s. Yes, even the really fancy ones like HTML ads and Pro Res!”

Kill attachments

We provide you with all the storage you need so you never need to worry about sharing content that’s too big to send as an email attachment.

Product feature
Product feature

See what they mean, where they mean it

With Oroson’s advanced commenting, your reviewers can pinpoint or annotate on all sorts of content. All your feedback and content stays together, in one place.

Product feature

No reviewer sign-up needed

Your reviewers are busy, so giving feedback needs to be easy, and it is. One click access with no sign up required, it couldn't be easier and your reviewers will thank you for it!

Get notified, not spammed

With our smart notifications system, you can choose to adjust when you receive notifications or let us manage them.

Product feature
Product feature

Your process, your project

You can organise your project any way you want or choose from one of our ready-made templates. We’re in the business of freeing your time and providing clarity.

Product feature

Unlimited reviewers, collaborators and projects!

With Oroson, there is no limit to the number of projects, reviewers or collaborators you can add, allowing you to improve how you share and get feedback from everyone.

The old way...

Trying lots of apps once or twice, just to send typical types of content

Dealing with lots of complexity when you just want to share and get feedback

Zipping & emailing attachments, forcing your clients or teammates to download them

Participating in long, confusing feedback threads that create misunderstandings

The Oroson way

Give and receive
specific feedback

Dropping all your content
into one visual project

One solution
for all types of content

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