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Adding and Organizing Content: Phase 1 – Groups

Oroson  by Oroson  November 29, 2019

What we have been working on…

The primary use case in Oroson is adding content and enabling contextual collaboration around that content. This might be notes, lists, files, links to external content via integrations, or any other type of content.

As well as adding content, we want to make it as easy as possible to organize content so it remains useful. Oroson provides a number of ways to do this:

If you are a regular Oroson user, you will recognize these as core features that have been in the product for a while. Over the next quarter, we plan to revisit some of these, to make sure they are as slick and frictionless as possible. 

This blog describes Phase 1 of this journey and how we have improved the creation and management of group items.

Phase 1- Faster Group Creation of Content

It is now possible to create groups in Oroson by dragging content items together. It is as simple as that! If two non-group items are dragged together they will form a new group. If you drag an item into an existing group it will get added to it. The video below highlights the new functionality:

Using drag and drop to create  and manage groups.

Using drag and drop to create and manage groups

As you can see from the video:

These changes make group creation much simpler for our users. We are always striving to increase simplicity and enhance the user experience in Oroson. In Part 2 of this blog, we will discuss the next step of this journey – how we have made it much easier to add files, links and other types of content.

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