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Awards Week for Oroson

Oroson  by Oroson  April 3, 2019

It’s been quite a week for the Oroson team so we thought we’d share our success with you.

Having never entered any awards before, we thought this year was the right time to change this. Based on what, you might ask? Well, Oroson is progressing very quickly with our Dev Team constantly developing, testing and launching new features. The number of leads we are driving to our platform through our marketing and sales activity is creating a growing number of users worldwide. Also, the list of recognizable brands using Oroson is very impressive as we see Oroson being adopted in sectors including Banking, IT, Publishing, Media, Design, Marketing, Hospitality, Sport and Utilities.

So based on all this, we reckon we have a bit to shout about!

Startup World Cup

First up, we were shortlisted to be amongst the top 10 Northern Ireland regional finalists in the Startup World Cup.

The Startup World Cup is a global event for Startups to submit a pitch in their own country in the hope of being shortlisted to pitch to the judging panel. From here, one successful company is chosen to pitch at the Grand Final in San Francisco in a bid to win $1,000,000 for investment from Fenox Venture Capital, who run the competition.

The stakes were high when we arrived at the Northern Ireland regional final and needless to say the competition was tough. Northern Ireland has a well-developed startup community full of creative and innovative teams continuing to position the country as a rich resource for technology expertise.

We enjoyed the competition but unfortunately, we didn’t win. 1st place went to Axial 3D, a company at the forefront of 3D printing in Healthcare, with the runner-up placement going to Audit Comply, a risk and performance management platform. However, we did win the audience choice award, so happy with the kudos from that one!

We also took a lot from the experience. We know we earned our place in one of the most competitive talent pools in the UK and it inspires us to keep building and keep achieving.

Digital DNA Awards

Fast forward a few days and we found ourselves in the magnificent St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast for the Digital DNA Awards.

Our Founder and CEO, Daniel McGlade had been shortlisted in the Entrepreneur of the Year category. Once again, the other five finalists in the category were all very accomplished entrepreneurs. This was the first individual award we had ever submitted for Daniel, and so were delighted when we received the confirmation that he had been shortlisted. Although given Daniel’s achievements, we couldn’t be surprised at this.

It seems Daniel was born to be an entrepreneur. He has a huge amount of tenacity and is incredibly focused on every area of the business. This has enabled him to successfully position Oroson as an online collaboration tool which enables teams to work more productively together.

Founding and managing a tech startup is very demanding. From developing the idea for a solution to a widespread problem, then finding and recruiting the level of team needed to build the product and take it to market, Daniel has more than delivered.

Daniel started the company in 2014. Whilst studying for a law degree, he acknowledged how difficult it was for students to work together on group projects.

Having successfully raised the required investment to launch the company, in 2016 Daniel began building the team, starting with the hire of our CTO, Richard Davidson.

Daniel continued to grow the business and introduced a list of well-known clients including Boojum, the Mexican restaurant chain, Trinity Mirror Group, the Irish FA and NI Chamber of Commerce, as well as a number of banks and professional services firms.

It is incredible what Daniel has achieved since starting Oroson in 2014. He continues to drive the development of our innovative product, establish an enviable client list and helps position NI as a location for technical expertise and innovative tech startups.

In achieving all this, he has developed an NI based SaaS company which competes with companies in Silicon Valley. Given the difference in levels of funding and investment available in the UK and Ireland compared to Silicon Valley, this is an outstanding result.

Daniel’s creation of Oroson is a great example of what can be achieved with one idea and the tenacity to make it happen.

We couldn’t be more delighted to say Daniel won the Digital DNA Award for Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. Huge congratulations to Daniel. The team is so happy for him on this well-deserved accomplishment and so proud too.

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