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Configurable Notification Settings and Email Notifications

Oroson  by Oroson  January 31, 2020

In the latest release of Oroson, it is now possible to configure notification levels for Workspaces and Boards. This has been one of the most requested features for Oroson, so we are very pleased to release it to our customers. As an added bonus we’ve added email notifications, in addition to existing mobile and desktop notifications!

Configurable notification levels for Workspaces and Boards

In Oroson you can now fine-tune your notifications at a Workspace or Board level. This allows some interesting use cases:

  1. You have a busy Board with a lot of people commenting and adding content. You need access to this Board from time to time, but don’t want to be continually disrupted when someone sends a new message or adds a piece of content.
    You can now disable chat, comments, and content updates for this Board – so you only receive a notification when someone explicitly mentions you.
  2. You are working with a client on a very time-critical project. You want to make sure you can review content, and respond to messages as quickly as possible.
    You can enable all notifications for this client’s Boards or Workspaces – so you get notified immediately when any changes occur.
  3. You belong to a team of ‘makers’ and decide that you only want minimal notifications and disruptions. In the Oroson Workspace settings, everyone disables notifications for chat, comments and content updates – but everyone keeps mentions enabled. This means everyone can be notified of a change if required, but they need to be mentioned by the person making the change.

Notifications can be configured at a Workspace or Board level. The recordings below show where to find each in the Oroson UI.

Changing notification settings for a specific Board

Changing notification settings for a Workspace

Email Notifications

Although Oroson can reduce the need for email, and even replace it in a lot of cases, some users still depend on email as their primary form of notification.

In the latest release of Oroson it is possible to get email notifications in addition to the existing mobile and desktop notifications. The screenshot below shows an example email notification for a Board:

Example email notification

By default when you create a Workspace, email notifications are switched on. You can disable email notifications in the notifications settings for the Workspace.

Please give these new features a try. Hopefully, you’ll find them useful. Feedback is always welcome!

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