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Oroson Conversations… It’s good to talk

Oroson  by Oroson  July 1, 2019

When you want to chat… but don’t need a board (yet)

Sometimes, you may not be ready to jump straight into planning a project or creating a board to share with colleagues. Right now, you may just want to have a discussion with your team, and see where your ideas take you. 

That was our thinking when we created our latest feature – Oroson Conversations. Just click on the conversations icon in the left navigation bar in Oroson to get started.

Conversations in left navigation
Conversations icon in left navigation

Get the conversation flowing…

Oroson Conversations is a great tool to get the discussion going. We’ve kept it flexible. You’ll find all our existing communications features you would expect in here. This includes the ability to have a conversation with any individual or group of people who are on the same workspace. 

To keep things clear, each comment has a date and time stamp and shows who added it. Conversations follow the same pattern as with board notifications, so if you are using the Oroson desktop app for MacOS or Windows, or the mobile apps for iOS or Android, you’ll never miss an update. 

You can also @mention anyone in the same conversation and don’t forget to add some emojis too 😉😄.

Adding content

One of the really cool features of Conversations is the ability to include any of our item types. This includes all the good stuff like files, images, notes and stickies and our integrations with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. 

Share content using conversations
Share content using conversations

So if you aren’t quite ready to create a board yet, or just don’t need one, you can still share content with your team or wider network using Oroson Conversations. 

Personal space

Need a little thinking space or perhaps even a brain dump space for ideas and content? We’ve got it covered. As well as having a discussion with your colleagues, you can use ‘Your personal space’ within conversations. Think of it as your little haven where you have total control over your thoughts and information. 

Your personal space
‘Your personal space’

User permissions 

New conversations can be created by workspace owners and members. If you are restricted to guest status on the workspace, you can’t start a conversation, but can still participate in the ones you are invited to. 

If you are a guest and want the flexibility to create conversations, contact your workspace owner and request to be changed from guest to member status. Alternatively, you can create your own workspace and invite members to that. 

Next conversations release

As with any release, the Oroson team has been busy testing this feature before releasing it. And we have to say, we love it! So much so in fact, it has replaced other direct messaging tools we were using – mentioning no names… 

This really ties in with our aspiration to create ‘one place for all your work’ – so everything from content to communication is available in one ‘Visual Collaboration Hub’. 

We already have more developments planned, including the ability to create a board from a conversation. So, if you start to build up a bit of content on a particular topic and think it’s time to transfer it to a board, it will be simple to do so. As always, we will keep you in the loop on the next update!

Get in touch

If you have any feedback on conversations or any other Oroson features then contact us via feedback@oroson.co.

Developing the next-generation platform for how people work is an iterative and collaborative process. Feedback from our users is key to making this successful, and we want you to be part of our journey! 

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