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Not your Average Business Card

Oroson  by Oroson  November 20, 2018

No project too big or small… Check out how we used Oroson to manage our business card tasks.

With our branding all up-to-date it was finally time to get our new business cards printed.

So first things first… the design process. What ideas do we have for the card design? And don’t forget to get a list of who all needs business cards. Do we have their updated details on file? Who is printing the cards for us? Anyone know a good local printer?…

Keep it Simple!

I’m sure you have been here before. Before you know it, what should be quite a straightforward process can become time-intensive as more people get involved and more details are added.

But not when you use Oroson. Naturally, we used Oroson to manage this small, but detailed project. Oroson’s visual nature gave us the benefits of seeing the designs for the cards and getting agreement from everyone — as well as their details before we sent them off to print. Using Oroson for our business card project made everything much quicker and simplified the process.

As for the finished product… well, they look a little different than the average business card and we have had great feedback. They are a real conversation starter. We aren’t ones for quirky design just for the sake of it. It has to be relevant.

We took our design inspiration from Oroson in two ways. First of all, our intuitive and clean UI is reflected in the simple design of our cards. Secondly, the square shape of our cards replicates the design of the card layout on our Oroson boards.

Business Card Template Board

Have a look at the example board we created based on our business card tasks to see how simple Oroson can make small tasks, up to more detailed projects.

Feel free to use this business card template for your own projects.

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