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Oroson Press Release: NI startup transforming teamwork after £1.2 million investment

Oroson  by Oroson  October 18, 2018

It has been a phenomenal year for the ground breaking Northern Irish software company Oroson, who has received a £1.2million investment from Co-Fund NI (ERDF), managed by Clarendon Fund Managers Ltd (“Clarendon”), and private investors. The investment aims to develop their innovative software which enables businesses to increase their productivity by streamlining their workflows.

In addition to the above investment, the company has been offered £350k of support from Invest Northern Ireland towards R&D and the creation of 3 new jobs.

This indigenous NI company is creating quite a buzz and when you learn about their achievements to date, it’s no wonder. There are not many tech start-up companies in the NI market who have achieved Oroson’s fast track success. Fewer still in the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector.

Their SaaS business model is a unique solution that offers real value to businesses. Oroson brings all your work together in one central online hub, solving the problem created by the volume of information and resources we have to manage in our daily working lives.

Daniel McGlade, Founder and CEO of Oroson comments — “We have had an incredible year to date and have seen our product and company grow from strength to strength thanks to investments from Co-Fund NI, Invest NI and private investors, and of course all of our valuable clients who have signed up to our solution.”

Not only does Oroson improve collaboration amongst teams thanks to its real-time communication features, but the unique visual nature of the platform makes it stand out above any other project or task management solutions, helping drive creativity.

Daniel adds: “In developing Oroson, my goal was to address the productivity challenges we all face. It is estimated we spend over 60% of our time managing our work rather than doing the work. That’s before we even deal with the effects of constant context switching between tasks which is known to cost us 20% of our available working time for each additional project we work on. I wanted to deliver a tool that enables businesses to get more done, more effectively and more efficiently across teams and locations.

“Five years in, I have nine full-time staff and we all work remotely. Our own use of Oroson is a testament to how it facilitates effective teamworking, especially from multiple locations.”

And whilst Oroson may still be classed as a start-up business, this is in no way reflected by their impressive list of advocates and users. This includes the popular Mexican restaurant chain Boojum, public sector body Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council and Irish Football Association, as well as one of the world’s largest banks.

Nuala McMenamin, Head of Marketing at Boojum commented “Oroson is a fantastic platform. It delivers major benefits for the Boojum team. It’s highly visual, creates efficiencies and we work much better as a team because of Oroson. As soon as we start any new piece of work, our priority is to create an Oroson board to add all our content to. The team loves it as it simply enables us to do our work.”

In early 2019 a further £1.2million funding round has been planned to support further business growth.

Oroson’s objective is simple — to create a ‘workspace’ that brings everything together, allowing teams to store, share and talk about their work in one place. This includes files, notes, links, videos, images and communications. Therefore, removing the time-consuming distractions of managing content and communications across multiple sources.

The workspace also fills in the gaps of using existing online tools that are commonly used in the workplace; by fully integrating document sources such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox, so teams can effectively access additional content with a few clicks.

Oroson Chief Technology Officer, Richard Davidson explains: “My experience of working with many clients in the private and public sector has helped me understand the stumbling blocks that can occur during a group project.

“Collaborators can use Oroson to take control of their own workload by developing a project on one ‘board’ that is accessible to everyone involved; by sharing and editing content in real-time, adding in suggestions in a live chat or putting ideas out there without the need of an email. This removes the wasted time spent on administration and content gathering.”

Chris Trotter, Portfolio Manager for Clarendon Fund Managers Ltd comments — “We are proud to support Oroson as they develop tools to improve how people collaborate. Oroson highlights the standard of talent that Northern Ireland has to offer to the global software market. The company and its staff have already achieved significant milestones to date.

“We look forward to working with the company as it continues to grow its client base and makes collaboration easier.”

Finance for Co-Fund NI is provided by Invest NI and supported by ERDF under the EU Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014–2020.

For more information on Oroson visit http://bit.ly/2EpB2aK

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