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Oroson – Your Online Whiteboard Tool with a Difference

Oroson  by Oroson  December 13, 2018

Whether working individually or as part of a team, many great ideas are born from brainstorming sessions. Ideas, suggestions, wish lists, pictures, research lists, to-do tasks, website URL’s full of useful info…

You aren’t short on ideas, you just lack an effective way to manage and progress them to help your projects come to life. Sound familiar?

Bring all your ideas together

Oroson doesn’t only provide the platform to develop and record your ideas, it lets you compile the data and resources linked to these projects too.

Oroson provides a central online hub where you can create items including notes, stickies, lists and much more, in a board layout to capture your project ideas. But the benefits don’t stop there…

Let’s get visual

First off, Oroson’s visual impact helps naturally develop your ideas as everything is laid out in front of you, helping you expand your initial thoughts further.

As the content you add to Oroson isn’t just displayed as text, it looks much more interesting, enabling you to process the information much more effectively e.g:

Images – really makes your board stand out

Links – unfurled URLs display a handy glimpse of what lies behind it, including featured images

Videos – educational videos (or funny GIFs) always get people’s attention

Stickies – an eye-catching way to display snapshots of information

Note plus – for when you want to add a little more detail

Files – upload existing content

Integrations – Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox integrations let you access your files from your Oroson boards so all your content is at your fingertips.

Anyone have any ideas for a funny GIF?

And then the value of Oroson continues…

In many tools, you can brainstorm ideas. Great. Then what? Transfer all your ideas to a document or spreadsheet to develop them? Or worse still, take photos of those 300 stickies on the wall? What then?

With Oroson you’re already miles ahead. Once you have captured all those great (possibly amazing) ideas, they are already on your board waiting to be brought to life. You can drag and drop items to move things around and can change the layout of what is now becoming your project plan. The items you add to your board can be color-coded too to show how they are progressing. Nice!

Next step – Collaboration!

If you are working on a board on your own, it’s time to get some feedback (and credit) for those ideas. Invite colleagues or even customers, to your board to get the conversation going.

Of course, Oroson drives collaboration in teams so it is a great product to use as a brainstorming tool for your team from the start.

If you want to discuss the project at a high level, use the chat feature. To discuss particular items within the board, you can add comments to each item. This keeps everything in context, unlike email or instant messenger threads. Use @mentions to flag messages to individual people.

Create & manage your content, your way

You’ll be amazed at how Oroson supercharges your ideas and brings your project to life whether you are working individually or in a team.

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