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Product Updates: Sept 2021

Oroson  by Oroson  October 11, 2021

We have some exciting product updates to share with you!

Single-item sharing

You can now share single items with your Oroson teammates and guests. Previously, all content in Oroson needed to live within a project. If you wanted quick feedback on a meeting deck, or a one-off video, you needed to create a project first. 

Our users told us they preferred sharing all types of content in Oroson. Having to switch to email or messaging systems for one-off items felt like a backward step. And creating a project each time felt like an unnecessary chore.

As of today, you can now share standalone content in Oroson. Goodbye, email attachments!

Workspace dashboard

Our new dashboard is the most visible change to your account. 

When we introduced single-item sharing as a beta feature to users we noticed that some users struggled. They couldn’t find their projects quickly or easily enough and single items weren’t accessible from the home screen. 

The new dashboard fixes that, and some. Quickly add any type of content and access your projects & items directly from the dashboard.

Private items and comments

Do you want to discuss changes to your content privately within your internal team? Enter private contnet – another often requested feature from users like you.

Private items & comments can only be viewed by teammates.

Private comments are turned off by default but can easily be turned on at a project or workspace level at the click of a button.

You can read more about private items and comments here.

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