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9 Best ProofHQ Alternatives for Seamless Online Proofing (2021)

Oroson  by Oroson  February 17, 2021

Looking for a ProofHQ alternative? 

Here’s a list of 9 ProofHQ alternatives to help you with online proofing and creative reviews: 

  1. Oroson
  2. Ziflow
  3. Miro
  4. Filestage
  5. GoProof
  6. ProofHub
  7. PageProof
  8. GoVisually
  9. Hightail

Let’s examine each of these tools and see what’s the best online proofing software for you.

9 Best ProofHQ Alternatives for Seamless Online Proofing

Tool #1: Oroson

Tool #2: Ziflow

Tool #3: Miro

Tool #4: Filestage

Tool #5: GoProof

Tool #6: ProofHub

Tool #7: PageProof

Tool #8: GoVisually

Tool #9: Hightail

Tool #1: Oroson

As you can see, Oroson is the first tool that we’ve chosen for our list.

What is the reason for that? 

Well, being part of a team that has to share many pieces of content between its members, it can be quite frustrating when you have to send content and receive feedback on time.

That’s before we talk about all the potential misunderstandings this may lead to, especially for remote teams.

What if there was a user-friendly tool that would allow creative teams to collaborate effectively, send content in any shape or format, and receive feedback on time?

You’re in luck, because that’s exactly what Oroson does! 

It’s a hassle-free collaboration software for teams to work more efficiently and spend their time on tasks that really matter for them.

Who is it for?

Oroson it tailor-made for professionals such as marketers and designers who want to:

Let’s take a look at our product’s unique features and capabilities.


One of the best things about Oroson is that the content it supports really has no limitations.

Whether it’s an MP4 video file, a PDF document, or even an HTML5 banner; file sharing has never been easier. 

Not to mention, there are no limitations on their size.

Besides that, feedback will be as clear and specific as it can get!

The Pinpoint feature allows team members to add a pinpoint on any piece of content, even if they want to pause a video, add the pinpoint on a frame, and continue watching it.

If it sounds too simple, then that’s because it practically is.

Gone are the days that multiple emails would be sent back and forth, often with no indicator of importance, thus leaving one’s inbox in chaos.

A feature that solves this is the notifications, meaning that every time a new piece of content has been added, team members are notified instantly. This introduces  a much needed automation that saves precious time.

There’s no need to let the team know manually or chase anyone up with emails in order to meet your deadline.

This gives users on both ends more flexibility and prevents them from accidentally missing a file they need to review or a mockup they need to optimize, for instance.

Another vital feature Oroson offers is the amount of projects that can be added, along with the amount of people working on them.

Most Software-as-a-Service tools, and even a great project management software, will often have a limitation on these numbers and will only offer an increase to members who are willing to pay a little extra.

We believe that offering an unlimited amount of both users and projects right from the beginning gives a certain level of freedom that all creative and marketing teams crave.

Since that’s our belief, that’s exactly what we do.

Let’s now have a look at Oroson’s flexible pricing plans. 


We offer three different plans when it comes to pricing, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

As you can see, they all include some very important features such as:

Of course, notifications, annotations, chats, comments, and full archiving are all an integral part of every plan since we know from first-hand experience how vital they are to a team.

What makes each pricing plan unique is the available storage space and the amount of items that can be added.

To be more precise, the Starter Plan  offers 50GB of storage and the ability to work on 1000 items.

The Pro Plan equips teams with 125GB of storage while being able to work on up to 2200 items.

As you can imagine, the Business Plan offers the most in terms of storage and items and is suitable for businesses with many team members and thus, more needs.

That’s why it includes 250GB of storage and 5000 items for them to collaborate on.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that the above pricing plans capture the needs of both small and larger teams, meaning each can decide which one suits their needs.

If you’re a member of such a team, feel free to explore our pricing plans and contact us should you have any questions.

We’re now moving on to the second tool we have for you. 

Tool #2: Ziflow

Image Source: Ziflow

Ziflow is a very popular proofing tool used by many big companies worldwide.

It keeps teams connected in real-time and allows them to stay on top of their projects, making communication and reviewing seem like a piece of cake.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Let’s dive a little deeper into this tool and who it’s most suitable for.

Who is it for?

Ziflow can help teams from a wide variety of backgrounds work effectively, thus increasing their productivity and saving precious time by automating online review processes.

Some of the people and organizations that can make good use of this proofing SaaS are:

Of course, there are no limitations as to who can use it. 

After all, who doesn’t need a tool to make their life easier?

For each type of company, Ziflow offers tailored solutions and resources that each one can benefit from.

Image Source: Ziflow

It’s for teams of all sizes and works as a great proofing tool for creative purposes, as well as for communication and brand consistency purposes.


Ziflow can be used in a great number of ways.

Some of its best features include the type of files it supports. 

From Microsoft Office, to PNG and PDF files, this tool offers great functionality and flexibility for teams to benefit from.

In addition to that, a vital feature is the automation of the entire review and approval process.

Image Source: Ziflow

Any marketer who’s been part of a marketing or creative team knows how important sending and reviewing content is.

It requires a coordination of team members in order to make sure that everyone’s on the right page. 

The automation process that Ziflow offers does exactly that.

That’s not to mention the many integration opportunities it provides.

Modern professionals use a wide variety of tools  for work management, communication, file sharing and many more on a daily basis.

Image Source: Ziflow

Ziflow is a proofing tool that can easily be integrated with third party apps, such as Slack, Google Drive, Asana, and Dropbox, thus enhancing processes and giving users more flexibility than ever before.

Now, let’s take a look at the pricing. 


Just like Oroson, Ziflow offers three price plans for users to choose from, too.

Image Source: Ziflow

Naturally the Basic Plan is the cheapest and offers the least options, making it suitable for small teams on a budget.

It offers review and approval for limited file types such as images, documents, videos, audio files, and URL snapshots. 

Version control and proof comparison are also included.

The Starter Plan includes everything the basic plan offers, plus reviewing for HTML5, rich media files, and GIFs, as well as branding options and 10GB of storage per user, compared to  5GB in the basic plan.

Last but not least, the Business Plan offers everything we’ve already outlined plus combining files, insights, mentions, and connections with other apps.

There’s also an Enterprise Plan which requires you to contact their sales team for more information.

Overall, Ziflow is a great proofing solution for teams who want to review and approve different file types on the fly.

Let’s move on to the next tool on our list.

Tool #3: Miro

Image Source: Miro

The third tool on our list is Miro, a flexible collaboration software allowing teams to communicate effectively.

It’s an ideal option for remote teams since it offers them online tools to stay on top of their projects.

Who is it for?

As we just noted, it’s perfect for remote teams; various types can benefit from its features. Some examples of these teams are:

What are the features that teams can use in order to achieve their goals?


Miro is a great tool for users and offers a wide variety of flexible features. 

From conducting online meetings, to research and design, as well as visually mapping and planning next steps, Miro can do a lot.

A fascinating feature is the online whiteboard that team members can use to plan and discuss their progress or even do some brainstorming!

According to the website, 10 million users use Miro and it certainly looks like they have some pretty good reasons to.

Let’s take a look at the tool’s pricing. 


The tool offers three basic price plans as well as an extra enterprise one for custom pricing.

Image Source: Miro

What seems to be a great advantage of Miro is that it offers a free plan with an unlimited amount of users but limited tools.

The Team Plan offers many more things such as unlimited whiteboards, custom templates, Asana integration,and remote meeting toolkits.

The Business Plan offers all of the above, plus SSO and external editors.

Let’s check out the next tool on our list.

Tool #4: Filestage

Image Source: Filestage

FileStage is another popular proofing tool when it comes to online collaboration software.

It’s pretty clear that users can get great value out of it, particularly creative teams and marketers who are looking for a tool to automate certain aspects of work and get the feedback and approval processes done in no time.

Who is it for?

As we’ve said, creative and marketing teams can benefit a lot from Filestage. 

Of course, those teams can operate in a variety of sectors such as biotechnology, marketing agencies, large enterprises, and many more.

It’s also suitable for remote and video production teams.

Let’s move on to the tool’s features. 


Features are usually what make or break a great product, and Filestage seems to be offering plenty to teams.

Image Source: Filestage

It seems like, more or less, it has all the usual go-to features that any alternative tool offers, such as commenting on various files, real-time collaboration, an approval workflow, and lots more.

What’s interesting is the option for clients to comment without registering, making communication with them more straightforward and efficient.

You can also use the mobile app that works for both Android and iOS and it can even be integrated with other tools such as Slack and Trello.


The pricing Filestage offers is pretty simple and easy to figure out.

Image Source: Filestage

There are two basic plans: 

Starter and Pro.

Obviously, Pro has the edge over Starter when it comes to the amount of active projects, support, and project templates.

The maximum number of team members and storage remain the same for both. Should you have more needs, you can contact them regarding the Enterprise plan and get a customized pricing plan.

Filestage also offers a trial and demo option, where users can get the full version of a paid plan for seven days.

Image Source: Filestage

Simply select the plan you want to have a trial with, enter your work email, and you’re done! Piece of cake, right?

Moving on to the next ProofHQ alternative on our list. 

Tool #5: GoProof

Image Source: GoProof

GoProof is the fourth alternative to ProofHQ we have for you. 

It’s a popular tool amongst professionals and it credits itself as the ultimate online proofing software and collaboration platform for creative design and marketing teams”.

The tool is also a part of Oppolis Cloud and is ideal for teams using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Who is it for?

GoProof is a tool that’s primarily used by creative design and marketing teams.

The fact that you can review and markup on Adobe Creative Cloud shows us that this is indeed a tool for creatives to work on and do things faster and easier.


With GoProof, you can use its very own extension for Adobe apps to share work and get feedback.

You can also send unlimited pieces of content and enjoy faster communication on its mobile app – available on Android and iOS.

Image Source: GoProof

Additional features include deep Adobe InCopy and InDesign workflows, as well as custom automated proofing workflows. 

It seems like a great tool for Adobe enthusiasts!

Let’s take a look at GoProof’s pricing model. 


It seems that as of today — Friday, February 5 — GoProof doesn’t have a page where the company’s pricing plans are clearly displayed. 

You can search for more information regarding pricing on the company’s website or on review sites like Capterra or GetApp

Moving on to the next tool on our list. 

Tool #6: ProofHub

Image Source: ProofHub

ProofHub is the sixth tool on our list of the best ProofHQ alternatives. 

Proofhub’s beautiful website offers users all-round information about its services and how it helps creative teams collaborate effectively.

It has a straightforward way of selling itself, noting that it has “all the tools you need under one roof” and “no per user fee”, making the pricing simple with fixed-price plans.

Who is it for?

Teams of all shapes and sizes can benefit from Proofhub and its work management tools.

Once again, the webpage describes clearly who can use the tool. It’s for managers, team members, and clients.

Each party can have its own roles and task lists whilst all communicating together with chats and discussions in order to be on the same page.


Whether it’s about planning, collaborating, communicating, or delivering projects on time, Proofhub offers features that cover every aspect of a team’s needs.

Image Source: ProofHub

Organizing tasks, setting deadlines, and sharing valuable information with your team members seem to be very clear and easy to do.

Other vital features include proofing, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, timesheets, and the ability to choose between more than six languages for the interface.

Of course, integration with other apps shouldn’t be missing from the list of features. 

From Google Drive and Calendar, to DropBox and many other cloud based tools, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s take a look at the tool’s pricing. 


Proofhub offers two clear pricing plans, as seen below.

Image Source: ProofHub

The Essential Plan offers up to 40 projects, unlimited users, 15GB worth of storage, and the tool’s core features.

The Ultimate Control Plan offers unlimited projects and users, 100GB worth of storage, all the core features, and some additional features which could prove to be handy for teams.

Also, besides the ability to have a free trial, the company offers a big discount to non-profits.

Image Source: ProofHub

To opt for a free trial, simply click the “ Start your Free trial” button under the price plans. Next, you simply complete the form which will appear and you receive the 14-day trial.

For the non-profit discount, simply click on the “non-profits” hyperlink under the free trial button. It appears you’ll have to send the company an email telling them about your non-profit and wait until they qualify you for a 40% discount on the Ultimate Control Plan.

Overall, Proofhub seems like a decent option for teams to benefit from.

Moving on to our next alternative to ProofHQ. 

Tool #7: PageProof

Image Source: PageProof

PageProof is another online tool that aims to help teams get the most out of proofing.

Who is it for?

The tool is for all kinds of creative and marketing teams in various industries who are looking to work smarter, faster, and more effectively.


PageProof offers all the standard features you’d expect, such as content revisions, workflows, and dashboards

What’s interesting is the integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud that all designers and editors will love, and the emphasis given to security.

Image Source: PageProof

As seen in the image above, many more integrations are available. 

Asana, Microsoft Teams, and a bunch more award winning tools all aim to make your work easier and more effective.


Below, you can see the pricing plans for PageProof.

Image Source: PageProof

The Reviewer Plan is free for members to review, annotate, and send out proofs. 

The Team Plan provides unlimited users, proofs, reviewers, and storage, as well as integrations with third party apps and a live training session with a follow-up call.

Moving on to the next tool in our list. 

Tool #8: GoVisually

Image Source: GoVisually

According to the website: “GoVisually is the simplest online proofing software to collect feedback & sign-off on designs & videos.

It helps teams share designs faster and communicate better, while streamlining content review and approval.

Who is it for?

It seems like GoVisually’s users consist mainly of designers, creative agencies, and marketing teams.

Of course there are no limitations as to who can gain value from such a tool and that’s why so many big and established companies choose to use it.


In a nutshell, the tool allows users to send files and videos, receive feedback, and for their client or reviewer to give approval in a matter of seconds.

Image Source: GoVisually

It is also very easy for clients to use the software as well, and to exchange ideas with the designers or editors is very easy.

Of course, the basic concept is team collaboration, which is exactly what we do here at Orson too.

Discussing with your fellow team members, mentioning them, and reviewing their work is an essential part of such a collaboration tool.


Pricing is very clear and precise, as you can see below.

Image Source: GoVisually

A Solo Plan is, as the name suggests, suitable for one user with a limited number of projects.

The Team Plan offers 1000 projects to teams and every feature the tool has available, plus 24/7 support.

All in all, GoVisually is a great and affordable tool for someone to work with.

Moving on to the last tool we’ve got to show you. 

Tool #9: Hightail

Image Source: Hightail

Hightail is another great collaboration tool for creative projects. 

It allows users to share files with each other, meet deadlines, and stay organized at all times.

Who is it for?

The tool can be used by any professional who feels like they can benefit from it, whether their expertise is in marketing, design, sales, and many more industries.


Hightail’s basic features include:

Of course, as a digital asset management tool it can be integrated with many other tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Outlook.

These options provide users with on the go proofing and fast communication with others on the project.

 Let’s take a look at the tool’s pricing. 


Here’s Hightail’s pricing at a glance:

Image Source: Hightail

There’s a free, or Lite plan with some limitations, of course, but it can certainly still prove to be valuable to many teams.

On the other end we have the Business Plan with all the basic features, unlimited storage space, and a dedicated customer support team.

We would say that Hightail is a decent collaboration tool worth giving a try.

Let’s wrap this up and close with some final thoughts. 

Looking for a ProofHQ Alternative?

There you have it. 

You now know what the best ProofHQ alternatives are for online proofing and approval. 

If you’re searching for an alternative to ProofHQ — regardless of the reason — we recommend taking Oroson for a test drive. 

Our online proofing and approval software will help you streamline your review and approval process and always deliver on time. 

Simply request a free demo and we’ll be glad to show you how Oroson helps creative teams improve their workflow and streamline their processes. 

Featured image by Christin Hume on Unsplash.

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