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8 ReviewStudio Alternatives for Creative Review (2021 Guide)

Oroson  by Oroson  March 15, 2021

Looking for a ReviewStudio alternative for creative review and online proofing? 

Here’s a list of eight alternatives to ReviewStudio for 2021:

  1. Oroson
  2. GoProof
  3. Filecamp
  4. Wrike
  5. WebProof
  6. QuickReviewer
  7. GoVisually
  8. Ziflow

In this guide, we’ll break down the product capabilities, features, and pricing of each one of these tools to help you find the best online proofing solution and creative review software for your business.

Let’s get started.

8 Alternatives to ReviewStudio for 2021

Tool #1: Oroson

Tool #2: GoProof

Tool #3: Filecamp

Tool #4: Wrike

Tool #5: WebProof

Tool #6: QuickReviewer

Tool #7: GoVisually

Tool #8: Ziflow

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Tool #1: Oroson

Have you ever felt like there must be a better way to collaborate with your team and streamline your workflow?

Well, if you’re part of a marketing or creative team then, chances are, you have.

That’s exactly how we felt before we decided to create Oroson, a simple yet efficient collaboration tool for teams to speed up their review and approval process of creative projects.

Let’s dive a little deeper into how Oroson can help you.

Who is it for?

A tool like Oroson can benefit teams from a wide range of backgrounds given that there really are no limits as to who can use an online proofing software.

Typically, creative and marketing teams are best suited for it, but let’s see what industries most of our clients are in:

And many more.

Let’s have a detailed look at how team members can benefit from our tool.


Oroson isn’t a simple project management software. 

It also helps teams communicate in real-time, as well as proof their designs seamlessly.

However, what really makes it unique is the flexibility it gives creatives. 

We know first-hand how important sharing files with your coworkers is, especially different file types and files of various sizes.  

Some file types you can share through Oroson are:

To mention just a few. 

Oroson gives users the opportunity to get their projects reviewed and approved effortlessly.

A feature that contributes to this is the ability for reviewers to give feedback on designs without having to sign up.

There’s no more creating accounts to simply review a creative project. 

All you need to do is send your reviewers a link and they’ll be able to enter Oroson instantly.

We don’t like bragging about ourselves, but we’re very proud of what we’ve created and by how many teams trust our tool for their daily workflow.

What do our pricing plans look like?


Our pricing plans are designed in a way that should cover most business needs.

They all include unlimited users, projects, and integrations, which proves once again that flexibility is a high priority for us.

What differentiates the pricing plans is the storage space and amount of items available.

As you can see, the Starter plan includes 50GB of storage and 1,000 items to get you going.

The Pro plan includes more than double the amount of storage and items; 125GB and 2,200 items.

Last but not least, the Business plan is tailored for companies with bigger needs and therefore offers 250GB worth of storage and 5,000 items. 

Overall, we believe Oroson to be a great option when looking for ReviewStudio alternatives.

Let’s move on to the next tool on our list.

Tool #2: GoProof

Image Source: GoProof

GoProof is one of the best proofing solutions out there, tailored for teams that want to optimize their file sharing process and stay on top of their work.

It has many benefits and a wide variety of features especially for creative teams to use and enhance their workflow quality.

Let’s see who can use it.

Who is it for?

GoProof is a tool that’s primarily used by creative design and marketing teams. 

The fact that you can review and markup on Adobe and Creative Cloud exported media work shows us that this can be a useful tool for creatives to review and approve work faster and easier.


GoProof offers all the basic features a proofing tool needs for teams to share files, annotate them, approve them, and stay on top of their work.

Image Source: GoProof

It gives its users freedom, in the sense that they can add as many collaborators as they want without setting up an account.

Another benefit of GoProof are the Adobe Creative Cloud integrations it offers, which can be life-saving for designers.

They can proof designs straight from the Adobe suite of apps by using a GoProof extension and easily send them out to team members for review and approval.

Let’s have a look at the pricing.


It seems that as of today — Friday, March 12 — GoProof doesn’t have a page where the company’s pricing plans are clearly displayed. 

You can search for more information regarding pricing on the company’s website or on review sites like Capterra or GetApp

Moving on to the next tool on our list. 

Tool #3: Filecamp

Image Source: Filecamp

Filecamp is a leading enterprise-ready collaboration software that allows teams to optimize their digital asset management and stay on top of their work.

According to the website:

“Filecamp helps marketing professionals to get more value from their creative assets like images, logos, brand guidelines, videos etc.”

Let’s see who can get the most use out of it.

Who is it for?

Teams of any size and expertise can benefit from the tool’s features, especially creative and marketing teams.

After all, who doesn’t need a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to make their work a little easier?

It’s especially true when that means sharing various files, collaborating on them, and making sure clients are always happy.


Filecamp is an all-in-one poofing software that includes many features teams can use and benefit from.

These are features like:

And many more that make workflow smoother.

Image Source: Filecamp

When it comes to online proofing, options are endless. 

Users can communicate in real-time about creative projects, label them when doing task management, review and approve them, as well as invite other members of their team to join.

That way, everyone is on the same page in order to never miss a deadline again.

Image Source: Filecamp

Let’s see what the Filecamp pricing plans look like.


The team behind Filecamp has made sure that pricing is clear and straightforward.

Image Source: Filecamp

It comes in the form of three structures, so all business needs are met.

They all include free bandwidth, unlimited users, and custom brading.

However, they vary depending on the amount of storage space, pages, tags, and collections you’ll need.

Moving on to the next ReviewStudio alternative on our list.

Tool #4: Wrike

Image Source: Wrike

Wrike is a flexible tool for teams to optimize their review and approval process, as well as the way they collaborate and organize their tasks.

It offers a wide variety of high-quality features, making work management a piece of cake.

Let’s dive a little deeper into it.

Who is it for?

According to the website, the tool is suitable for:

Additionally, Wrike can benefit company-wide teams that are in need of a smoother workflow and enhanced functionality.


Wrike offers plenty of features for its users to benefit from.

Some of its most useful features are: tracking campaign analytics, optimizing project management with templates and Gantt charts, assigning tasks, and communicating in real-time with other stakeholders.

Image Source: Wrike

That way, team members can be reassured that everyone is on the same page in terms of how their projects are going.

When it comes to integrations, there are plenty of third-party app integrations available for creating smoother workflows.

Options include tools like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, MS Office, and many more.

You can also use Wrike though its mobile app, available on both Android and iOS devices.


Let’s see what the pricing plans look like.

Image Source: Wrike

Wrike offes plans that cover everyone, from freelancers to large corporations.

You can either opt for the Free plan if you have limited needs, or any of the other three choices should you need to add more users and advanced features.

Regarding the Enterprise plan, you need to contact the sales team to learn more information about it.

Let’s move on to the next product on our list.

Tool #5: WebProof

Image Source: Webproof

WebProof is an online proofing tool trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands.

It helps teams save precious time by streamlining the review and approval process of creative projects.

Who is it for?

The tool can be used by any team or freelancer in need of a great proofing solution.

Their background can be in any field or industry, from marketing, media, and IT, to publishing and production.

Let’s see how those teams can use WebProof to their advantage.


The tool allows all basic features a proofing tool should have, such as being able to file share, annotate, and provide real-time feedback.

There’s also a beautifully designed dashboard to overview your projects or pages in order to make sure that you’re on track with everything.

Image Source: Webproof

Other features the tool has are instant notifications –  which means that automation replaces many manual processes – as well as translations and integrations with Adobe apps.

All these help optimize the workflow so teams are able to perform at maximum capacity.

Needless to say, there are tailored-made features for agencies, newspapers, retail, medical companies, and many more.

Let’s have a look at the pricing.


Image Source: Webproof

The pricing comes in the form of three plans, each with different features and limitations. 

Limitations and different features may refer to storage capacity and user roles.

Customer support, however,  is common among all plans.

Let’s proceed to the next tool.

Tool #6: QuickReviewer

Image Source: QuickReviewer

QuickReviewer is an all-in-one proofing software for live review of various creative projects.

Team collaboration is enhanced through digital tools that make real-time communication easier than ever.

Let’s see who can use this product.

Who is it for?

Brands as well as agencies can get great use out of QuickReviewer and its features.

Typically, professionals such as designers, marketers, editors, producers, and developers are the most suitable for it, but anyone with advanced proofing needs can use the software.

An online tool like this can be used by teams in any workspace, whether they’re working remotely or in an office.


It offers all the basic features any other proofing tool has available.

More specifically, team members can share various file formats, such as PNG/JPG images, PDFs, HTML5 banners, and there are options to review videos and web pages.

Users can also add annotations and comments to give and receive faster feedback. 

Image Source: QuickReviewer

Version control can also be executed, by comparing projects side-by-side to make sure high-quality work is achieved.

QuickReviewer can also be integrated with third-party apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Adobe Creative Cloud.


Image Source:QuickReviewer

Now, let’s have a look at the pricing plans.

Users can choose between five plans, according to their business needs. From a basic free plan, all the way up to the Premium plan which is suitable for teams with needs of advanced features.

However, the biggest factor that sets the plans apart is the maximum storage capacity.

Moving on to the next tool we have to show you.

Tool #7: GoVisually

Image Source: GoVisually

GoVisually is an open-source collaboration platform that enables teams to streamline their proofing workflow.

According to the website: “GoVisually is the simplest online proofing software to collect feedback & sign-off on designs & videos”.

Who is it for?

Users that can use the tool can be creative and marketing teams, usually from these backgrounds:

But, there are no limits to who can use it to cover their needs.


Team members can share various file types with each other, instantly exchange thoughts and feedback, and get fast approvals on their design projects.

What’s more, all pieces of feedback are gathered in one place for better organization and efficiency.

Image Source: GoVisually

There’s also the option for reviewers – whether they are clients or coworkers – to review designs without having  to sign up to the platform.

This feature offers a great deal of flexibility to teams.


Let’s have a look at the pricing.

Image Source: GoVisually

The pricing consists of two clear and straightforward structures.

Solo is tailored for freelancers with fewer needs of users and projects, whereas Team is suitable for larger teams with many members, projects, and clients.

Overall, GoVisually is a decent proofing tool and can easily challenge competitive tools like Filestage and Conceptshare.

Let’s move on to the last tool on our list.

Tool #8: Ziflow

Image Source: Ziflow

Ziflow is one of the best collaboration and proofing tools the market has to offer.

It’s also a choice many brands go for in order to streamline their workflow and speed up processes like review and approval of creative projects.

Who is it for?

According to the website, Ziflow is most suitable for teams in the following industries:

Just to name a few of them.


Ziflow aims to organize the entire process of review and approval, including sharing files, annotating them, making adjustments, and communicating in real-time.

Image Source: Ziflow

What’s more, automation comes in to optimize workflows by sending instant notifications to the right users whenever a change has been made.

There’ll be no more sending pointless emails back and forth; with notifications, approval of creative projects is made on time and clients are kept happy.


Let’s have a closer look at the pricing.

Image Source: Ziflow

As you can see, Ziflow offers three main pricing plans and a custom one for enterprises.

They all offer the basic features for proofing, but they differ in terms of integrations with third-party tools and branding options.

All-in-all, Ziflow is one of the best ReviewStudio alternatives for creative review.

Looking for a ReviewStudio Alternative?

There you have it.

You now have a list of great online proofing software and content review software for 2021.

These tools can help you streamline your approval process and take your team’s creative collaboration to a whole new level.

Oroson, the first tool in our list, can help you review your creative content and streamline your approval workflow.

The best part is that you can do that for various formats and within the same platform.

You’ve got no need to use other tools or search for integrations.

If you’re interested in learning more about our tool, make sure to take Oroson for a test drive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After taking in all this information, it’s natural to have some questions about ReviewStudio and it’s alternatives, as well as the whole creative process. 

Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q1. What is ReviewStudio?

ReviewStudio is an all-in-one online proofing tool, that allows teams to collaborate on their creative projects and deliver high-quality results.

It offers many features that they can use in order to streamline the review and approval process.

Q2. How do online proofing softwares save time?

Online proofing softwares offer tools like annotations for instant feedback on designs. 

That way, there’s no need to keep sending emails to different people and wait for responses.

Q3. During the approval process, is there the risk of confusion or miscommunication between the different stakeholders?

It’s natural for humans to make mistakes when working. 

It’s especially true when you’re working on a process that many stakeholders are involved in and there are tight deadlines.

The risk of confusion or miscommunication is always there. 

Online tools help avoid mistakes by offering many features and the element of automation.

Q4. What’s the best alternative to ReviewStudio?

There are many great alternative options to ReviewStudio, so it’s both difficult and unfair to choose the best one.

However, we do believe that our very own Oroson is worth a try, since it offers a wide variety of features that cover all business needs.

Q5. How do I know if Oroson is the best solution for my business?

You can explore our website and see everything we have to offer in terms of features.

We firmly believe that if you’re in need of a proofing tool, then Oroson will definitely cover your needs.

Q6. Is there a free demo of Oroson?

There certainly is! 

If you want to give Oroson a try, you can request a demo and book a call with our marketing team. 

We’ll do our best to give you a thorough tour of the product.

Featured image by heylagostechie on Unsplash.

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