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The New Oroson Experience

Oroson  by Oroson  July 14, 2020

We’re releasing a new version of Oroson that will help you streamline your projects. With the new Oroson, you can control all aspects of your project from the brief to feedback rounds to sharing final deliverables.

Upload and Create Assets 

Core functionalities of Oroson have not changed. You will still be able to upload all your favorite file types, add links to the board, and create notes. You can customize the board layout into unique stages, group assets together, and add names to each. 

Use Share Links to Share with Anyone [New!]

Oroson shareability has gotten a huge upgrade! You can now share boards with anyone by copying the share link. This link will take your reviewers directly to the board so they can view everything you’re working on without having to sign-up. 

Give Feedback with no Sign-up  [New!]

Once you share the link, your reviewers can begin to leave feedback on different assets on the board without having to sign-up. All they have to do is select an asset, add a comment, and let you know who they are. 


Understand the Context of Feedback with Pinpoints [New!]

Reviewers can leave general comments or specific comments by adding pinpoints to the files. By dropping comments directly on the file, they can be very specific with what they want done rather than creating a guessing game.

Customize the Look and Feel of your board [New!]

You can customize the look of your board by adding logos for your team or client directly on the project. Also, you can give a title to the board and add additional context. Finally, you can also add a cover photo or color to create a unique look for your client. 

Coming out on the 3rd of August!

We will release the new Oroson experience on the 3rd of August. Once it is out, we’d love your feedback so be sure to chat with us in the app or send us an email at support@oroson.co

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