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8 Best Wipster Alternatives for Creative Collaboration (In 2021)

Oroson  by Oroson  January 25, 2021

Looking for a Wipster alternative?

Here’s a list of eight Wipster alternatives to help you with creative collaboration and online reviewing: 

  1. Oroson
  2. Filestage
  3. Frame.io
  4. GoProof
  5. Hightail
  6. Workfront
  7. Vimeo
  8. VidHub

Let’s examine each of these tools and see what’s the best collaboration platform for you.

8 Best Wipster Alternatives for Creative Collaboration

Tool #1: Oroson

Tool #2: Filestage

Tool #3: Frame.io

Tool #4: GoProof

Tool #5: Hightail

Tool #6: Workfront

Tool #7: Vimeo

Tool #8: VidHub

Tool #1: Oroson

The first tool in our list of Wipster alternatives is our very own; Oroson

We all know how time-consuming giving and receiving feedback can be for remote teams, especially when it’s not done using a user-friendly tool.

Our tool fixes exactly that. 

It helps teams take control of their projects and tasks that might be undertaken by different team members. 

Additionally, it makes video collaboration and communication smoother, thus enhancing the effectiveness and quality of work. 

By taking the communication and feedback hassle out of the equation, Oroson gives space to team members to focus on more important and meaningful tasks.  

Who is it for?

Oroson is a tool that’s ideal for professionals and teams who:

This means that Oroson — like similar tools in this list — is a tool made for professionals. 

The users who get the most value out of our product are:

And more.

Let’s take a look at our product’s unique features and capabilities.


Collaboration for remote teams is important and valuable.

For that reason, it needs to be done with a product that gives teams some features that will help them do their job efficiently as well as help them save valuable time. 

Oroson gives users the opportunity to add any kind of content format, from JPEGs and simple PDFs, both of which are widely used, to more complex design files likeMP3s, MP4s, and so on and so forth. 

Apart from this, your content can be of any size; there are no limitations in terms of the file size. 

Anyone who’s ever tried to upload large-sized files to any collaboration or file sharing platform, like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., knows how challenging it can be. 

The fact that you can upload and get feedback on any kind of file can be incredibly helpful for a wide range of different teams, including those that undertake creative projects that might require the sharing of high-quality video content, for example. 

A really important feature when it comes to video reviews is that Oroson doesn’t require a reviewer sign up

This gives users freedom in terms of sharing their files while giving them instant access with the simple sharing of a link. 

Additionally, reviewers can review your content on desktop as well as on their mobile devices, both on Android and iOS. 

It can be an iOhone, an iPad or a laptop; it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that collaboration’s been made easy.

Another feature we can’t miss mentioning is to do with the fact that there are no limitations in terms of reviewers and collaborators

Alongside having access to unlimited projects, Oroson users won’t have to deal with limitations on the number of reviewers or external collaborators. 

You can get as many people as you need in a project and get feedback from everyone!

Let’s now have a look at Oroson’s flexible pricing plans. 


At Oroson, we offer three different types of plans that you can consider using depending on your individual or team needs. 

Let’s have a look at the three different plans:

These pricing plans have been created to cover different business needs. 

What do our pricing plans include?

All pricing plans include some main features such as:

The plans differentiate from one another in terms of the number of items and the storage space. 

More specifically, the Starter plan gives users the opportunity to work on 1000 items while having a 50GB storage capacity. 

In addition to this, the Pro plan offers more than the double items, 2200 to be precise, and as you can imagine it has a higher storage limit of 125GB. 

Last but not least, the Business pricing plan is tailored for companies with bigger storage and project creation needs. 

For that reason, this paid plan gives them access to 5000 items and 250GB of storage. 

To sum up, there are different paid plans according to an individual or company’s specific business needs. 

You can decide what your needs are by requesting a demo and take advantage of the Oroson features for yourself. 

We’re now moving on to the second tool we have for you. 

Tool #2: Filestage

Image Source: Filestage

Filestage is the second Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in our list of alternatives to Wipster.

The tool credits itself as an “easy all-in-one online proofing software”, similar to other well-known online proofing tools such as ReviewStudio. 

It’s ideal not only for video projects but also for any other content format you wish to share and give feedback on.  

From audio files to images and screenshots, Filestage helps you collaborate with your team members faster and easier. 

Who is it for?

As you can see from the screenshot below, Filestage is a tool for the following industries:

Image Source: Filestage

From marketing agencies to scientific publications and even pharmaceutical and biotech companies, Filestage is a suite of tools that can cover various annotation, online proofing, and video review needs. 

Also, when it comes to teams inside the companies that use the tool, it seems that Filestage has additional capabilities for team collaboration and approval. 

Let’s move on to the tool’s features. 


Filestage offers you features that can help:

And more.


We can see that Filestage has three pricing plans. 

Image Source: Filestage

These plans can cover the needs of smaller teams with up to ten team members and up to fifteen active projects, to teams with up to 35 active projects and even enterprises with many more projects. 

All these functionalities make it easy for teams to collaborate in real time, share different file types, automate their workflows, and enhance their digital asset management processes. 

Moving on to the next Wipster alternative on our list. 

Tool #3: Frame.io

Image Source: Frame.io

Frame.io is another prominent video review and approval software. 

From pre-production to post-production and anything in between, Frame.io makes the video review and approval process easier and faster.

Besides being a great tool for streamlining your video production workflow, Frame.io also helps with file sharing for different types of content, such as images, presentations, and more. 

Who is it for?

It seems that the tool is relevant to big video production teams, creative agencies, and video editing professionals from all over the world. 

The advanced automation capabilities of Frame.io has also made the tool ideal for enterprise clients and agencies with hundreds of employees. 

Considering the tool’s pricing — which we’ll see in more detail a bit later — it seems that Frame.io can also be used by freelancers with fewer active video projects too. 

All in all, we’d say that this is a great tool for filmmakers and video enthusiasts. 


As you can see in the screenshot below, Frame.io credits itself as having the “web’s fastest uploader”. 

Image Source: Frame.io

Considering that very often videos are really large files, uploading them on to the cloud can take time. 

Having capabilities to make this process easier and faster is really important for video editors and teams who want to collaborate with each other on the fly. 

Besides that, the rest of the capabilities cover pretty much anything you need when it comes to video reviews and approval. 

What’s interesting is the integrations that the tool has — it has integrations with the following video editing software:

On Zapier, you can see that Frame.io has a wide range of integrations with tools and apps such as YouTube to help teams speed up their video review and approval workflows even further. 

Image Source: Zapier

Let’s take a look at the tool’s pricing. 


As mentioned earlier, the tool has a pricing that’s really flexible. 

Essentially, there are four plans that can cover the needs of any creative project, regardless of its complexity or the number of people who need to be involved. 

Image Source: Frame.io

It’s worth noting that each plan has a limited number of users and pricing is heavily based on the number of users who are using the tool. 

Let’s move on to the next tool in our list. 

Tool #4: GoProof

Image Source: GoProof

GoProof is the fourth alternative to Wipster in our list. 

Primarily, GoProof is an “online proofing software for creative collaboration”.

The tool is great for user reviews and collaboration on a cloud environment specifically for creative teams. 

Who is it for?

GoProof is a tool that’s primarily used by creative design and marketing teams.

The fact that you can review and markup on Adobe and Creative Cloud exported media work shows us that this is indeed a tool for creatives to review and approve work and do things faster and easier. 


They key features that this Wipster alternative offers are:

GoProof is really a unique solution when it comes to online proofing and collaboration. 

They also pay extra attention to data security and user control, as you can see below:

Image Source: GoProof

It’s worth noting that GoProof also has a mobile app which can be used both on iOS and Android devices. 

This means that even if you’re working remotely on your iPhone, you can keep collaborating with your team, review and approve work, and share your feedback in a seamless way. 

Apart from that, you can obviously use the tool’s web application from your laptop (e.g., Mac) and iPad to collaborate with your colleagues. 

Let’s take a look at the tool’s pricing. 


It seems that as of today – Fri 15 Jan – GoProof doesn’t have a page where the company’s pricing plans are clearly displayed. 

You can search for more information regarding pricing on the company’s website or on review sites like Capterra or GetApp

Moving on to the next tool in our list. 

Tool #5: Hightail

Image Source: Hightail

Hightail is another great collaboration tool for creative projects. 

You can use it to collaborate with your creative team in real time and streamline your review and approval processes. 

According to Hightail, the tool allows you to “Collect feedback from multiple reviewers in one place, always on the latest version of the file”. 

Who is it for?

It’s obvious that — like other SaaS in this list — Hightail is intended primarily for teams doing creative work and working on visual content. 

Regardless of the content type, be it video content, audio files, images, screenshots, etc., Hightail allows you to make reviews and leave your feedback on the spot, without having to log in to multiple tools. 

It’s an all-in-one collaboration platform that’s ideal for file sharing, video collaboration, and general digital asset management. 


The main features that Hightail offers are:

On top of all that, Hightail offers a variety of mobile applications and integrations to bring teams closer together, no matter where they are. 

The tool has a mobile application that’s available for both iOS and Android. 

Also, it allows you to sync files in real time from Microsoft’s OneDrive and Dropbox, without having to leave the tool. 

Last but not least, it has a plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud, AKA Adobe CC, to help you make annotations and share feedback with your collaborators while working with Adobe applications. 

Image Source: Hightail

Let’s take a look at the company’s pricing. 


Here’s Hightail’s pricing at a glance:

Image Source: Hightail

As you can see, there’s a free version of the tool available and there are three additional plans that vary in cost based on the size of the files you’re uploading and editing. 

Pricing varies — like with other tools in this list — based on the number of users for the two last plans, Teams and Business. 

We think that the Pro plan — which still has many great functionalities — is ideal for freelancers and creatives with smaller files. 

Moving on to the next one. 

Tool #6: Workfront

Image Source: Workfront

Workfront is the sixth tool in our list of the best Wipster alternatives. 

Workfront is a SaaS owned by the infamous Adobe. 

It’s a bit different from other tools in this list in the sense that it’s not purely a creative collaboration tool.

It’s more of a project management software than it is an annotation or markup tool at the same time.  

Before delving into the capabilities of the product, let’s first take a look at who the tool is for. 

Who is it for?

As you can see from the screenshot below, the tool serves a wide variety of teams and departments:

Image Source: Workfront

The ones we’ll focus on are Marketing and Agencies. 

Particularly agencies, since this is the group where primarily creative collaboration comes into play. 

When it comes to agencies, Workfront helps you automate your workflows, including approval cycles with your clients, get and share real-time feedback, and streamline your processes. 


Workfront — as mentioned above — is slightly different from the other tools in our list. 

In that sense, the tool is far more advanced than simple annotation and online proofing software and has way more capabilities. 

It has annotation and online proofing capabilities, of course, but that’s just a fraction of what you can achieve with it. 

Image Source: Workfront

What’s really interesting about it is that you can basically build your own workflows with apps you’re already using and do everything inside Workfront, without having to log in and out of each of the tools in your technology stack. 

You can do that with one of the company’s products called Fusion

Let’s take a look at the tool’s pricing. 


Workfront has four different plans:

  1. Team
  2. Pro
  3. Business
  4. Enterprise

The pricing isn’t visible on the website and visitors have to request pricing and share some business information while doing so. 

The breakdown of the features on the website’s pricing page is really in-depth though and it gives all the necessary information someone may need to understand the value of the product. 

Moving on to our next alternative to Wipster. 

Tool #7: Vimeo

Image Source: Vimeo

Vimeo is primarily a video hosting platform. 

You can use it to upload and host videos that you can later share on your website, social media, and more. 

However, nowadays Vimeo is way more than that. 

The tool also allows you to collaborate with your team members and make the video review and editing process smoother and easier. 

Who is it for?

Vimeo is used by thousands of people and teams worldwide. 

The tool has several capabilities and thus is used for many different reasons. 

One of the reasons why someone may be using Vimeo is because of its video collaboration functionalities. 

In that context — and for that use case — Vimeo is ideal for creative professionals such as video editors, agencies, animators, social media video pros, etc., who need a complete video review and approval solution. 


Vimeo allows users to speed up the review process and collaborate with their team members throughout the whole video making process, from initiation and pre-production to post-production and final editing. 

Image Source: Vimeo

Of course, Vimeo’s capabilities don’t stop there; the tool allows users to market and distribute their videos after finishing them up. 

Vimeo Record allows users to record videos as a way to visually share their feedback and create different rooms with different permission levels for each user. 

This saves filmmakers and video editors valuable time and improves the overall editorial workflow. 

Last but not least, Vimeo users can share files with their team members, clients, and partners and get notifications when their files like video feedback have been viewed. 


As you can see in the screenshot below, Vimeo has four pricing plans. 

Image Source: Vimeo

The price is heavily based on the cloud storage size as well as the number of users included in the plan. 

In general, we’d say that the pricing is fair and flexible for teams of all different sizes and with different needs. 

Moving on to the last tool in our list. 

Tool #8: VidHub

Image Source: VidHub

This is the last tool in our list of Wipster alternatives. 

According to its website, VidHub is “the best way to review and discuss your videos”. 

With VidHub, you can give and receive feedback in specific frames of a video in real time. 

Let’s see who the tool is built for. 

Who is it for?

VidHub is a video proofing tool that helps businesses of all sizes to collaborate online and speed up the review process of their videos. 

From the company’s website, there doesn’t seem to be a specific audience, e.g. creative agencies, that VidHub targets.

Essentially, the tool can be used by anyone who’s creating videos and needs a better workflow in their editing process. 


With VidHub, you can upload your videos directly to the site from your device  like your, Mac computer or iPad, or import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox, or Box.com.

You can leave “timestamp comments” in specific frames for feedback accuracy and get updates on the videos you’re working on in real time. 

Moreover, you can invite collaborators and manage the different versions of a video, since the tool has version tracking. 

Last but not least, you can send feedback reminders to your clients automatically so that no communication slips through the cracks. 

Image Source: VidHub

Let’s take a look at the tool’s pricing. 


VidHub’s pricing is simple and straightforward. 

Image Source: VidHub

There are three plans for freelancers and companies with different needs. 

The plans called Studio and Agency have really interesting capabilities and functionalities for bigger volume businesses. 

The only thing we’re missing is the size of cloud storage, if applicable, for each of the plans. 

Other than that, everything is clear and simple. 

With that, we’ve finished our list of alternatives to Wipster for creative collaboration. 

Let’s wrap this up and close with some final thoughts. 

Looking for a Wipster Alternative?

There you have it. 

You now know what the best Wipster alternatives are for creative collaborations and online proofing in the market. 

If you’re searching for an alternative to Wipster — regardless of the reason — we recommend taking Oroson for a test drive. 

Even though Wipster is a great collaboration tool, our online proofing and video collaboration software will help you take your creative projects to the next level.

Just request a free demo and we’ll be glad to show you how Oroson helps creative teams improve their workflow and streamline their processes.

Featured image by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash.

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